Dear CSF Members,


With 2013 behind us, the CSF team has reflected on our ocean service and in particular improving our ocean rates to our members in 2014. After looking at a number of scenarios, we have decided that the most suitable would be for us to charge based on Cubic Feet rather than Volumetric Weight currently in use. We’re sure than some members would ask, what’s the difference? Volumetric Weight is Length x Width x Height and Cubic Feet is based on a system of measurement in ‘cubes’ where one Cubic Foot is equal to 1728 Cubic Inches.


For further explanation by way of example we can use a simple box of dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in inches.




Volumetric calculations would give:



This would typically round up to 11lbs



Cubic Feet calculations would give this:


With Cubic Feet, CSF Couriers will not be rounding up so in a case

where the CF is 1.1CF, the customer will only be billed 1.1CF



Based on the example calculations abover and the rates below,

the box above would cost;

11 lbs x TT$9.00 = TT$99.00 (2013 Rates)

1 CF x 90.00 = TT$90.00 (2014 Rates)


Here is what our 2013 Ocean Rates looked like:



And here is the conversion of our 2013 Ocean Rates from Volumetric to Cubic Feet


Here is our 2014 Ocean Rates, see highlighted grey areas as this has been changed to futher benefit our valued customers.



Therefore better rates are being passed on to our members. As an organization that firmly believes shipping should be made available for all and not just a handful, CSF assures its members that we are always reviewing our systems, rates and policies with our customers in focus. We look forward to a bigger and better 2014 for ocean, for everyone.