Dear Members,


As many members would already know, regardless of claim on websites, newspaper ads, radio advertisements, propaganda or any other medium that is used by our competitors, the facts all prove and lead to one truth. This truth that we share is that Customer Service First (CSF) Couriers Ltd has the lowest rates in the market as your number one express provider. For us to provide these rates and provide you our valued members with a world class service, requires a combination of three (03) factors on our end at CSF:


1. We must be efficient at what we do.

2. We must have good relationships with our service providers

3. The need to provide you Our Members (the public) with an affordable service.


That being said, we at CSF Couriers Ltd have decided that we want to show appreciation for our members who have kept us going, helped us become better at what we do and encouraged us to pursue our ultimate goal of being the leading, most efficient, customer service oriented express package provider.


In the upcoming month of March all existing customers would benefit from our lowest rate of $13.00 TTD per pound for Air Freight, regardless of the shipments size and weight, members can bring as many packages and will be charged with extremely low rate This promotion will commence on 01st March 2014 and ends 31st March 2014.  


Members please note this promotion ends on the 31St March 2014 and rates would be reverted back to normal CSF airfreight rates from the 1st April 2014.


Please feel free to contact us for any further information, it is our pleasure to give back, show appreciation and serve our members, after all it is the reason we are here. We are Customer oriented, Customer driven, Customer dedicated and Customer focused; we exist to for our Customers.