Dear Valued Members,


During the past few weeks CSF has been seeking to upgrade our Pompano warehouse facilities, this has led us to realize that our current warehouse is in need of expanding, we have therefore taken a decision to relocate our Pompano Beach warehouse facility to another address.


How does this affect members? This will affect all members who currently ship to the Pompano Beach warehouse, members will need to change their shipping addresses on their respective online website accounts by 07th March 2014 to this relocated address:


1071 NW 31st Ave., B-6, Pompano Beach, FL 33069 


You may also need to update this address with your local banks as an alternative shipping address, where applicable.


Example of how your address looks now


Jon Doe

2133 NW 22nd St

CSF T-1234

Pompano Beach, FL




Example of how your new address looks


Jon Doe

1071 NW 31st Ave, UNIT B-6

CSF T-1234

Pompano Beach, FL




Why is CSF doing this? We have taken this decision with our members in mind, this new facility will afford us more than 1500 square feet of extra space to work in, though it will cost us more now, we are sure the benefits to customers in terms of efficiency and convenience outweigh the costs.


What will happen to your packages currently in transit? Packages currently in transit to the 2133 NW 22nd St address will continue to be received by CSF Couriers Limited up until 15th April 2014, thereafter all packages arriving to this address will be returned to sender.


So members, it’s simple, edit your current address by 07th March 2014 to the new address above and that’s it. Let us take care of the rest! Thanks for choosing CSF as we aim to become the leading, most efficient, customer service oriented express package provider in the region.