Dear Members,


After listening to concerns regarding our Requested Pick-Up facility where our Delivery customers can pick up specific packages at our offices, we have decided to implement a forty eight (48) hour deadline to request packages for pick up at our offices, this is to ensure the system is more organized and efficient.


Why this change? During the Christmas season we saw an astronomical rise in the Requested Pick-Ups, although we labored hard for everyone to receive their packages on time, the process became unorganized with many challenges, this new policy is an attempt for us to learn from our errors and assure our members packages are located and sent to the various offices on time for pick up. More than ever we are asking our members to help us make this system better by complying with this timeline and the observation of these instructions should make us more efficient to serve you.


Just a reminder on how to Request Pick-Up: There are three (03) mediums you can make this request –


1.       Using the Support Center under the help topic: Request Pickup at Central

Office or Request Pickup at South Office.


2.       Placing a call to the Central Office (671-2735) or South Office (290-4138).


3.       Advising your respective driver who will contact the office and make the request.


Please be guided by the above while we look forward to working for you and being at your service in 2014, as we endeavor to make things better for everyone.