Dear Members,


On July 08th 2014, CSF sent a survey concerning our consolidated services where we proposed either the implementation of a $20.00 TTD per consolidation fee or to discontinue the consolidation service altogether. The results of the survey is clear as a resounding 89% of our members opted for us to continue the consolidation service and implement the consolidation fee, please see results below.






Therefore effective August 01st 2014, CSF will include a Consolidation Fee of $20.00 TTD per consolidation, this will be for consolidation requests and consolidation by default where once more than one package is combined the fee will be applicable. We hope members continue to use this service because of the potential savings on freight charges that can be gained from consolidating packages.


CSF will continue to improve our services by involving all our members in decisions, requesting feedback and finding the most cost effective ways of providing our service efficiently.



Management & Staff of CSF Couriers.