Air Freight Rates Adjustment 2014


Dear Customers,


CSF Couriers will be revising our Air Freight Rates effective November 01st 2014.



Why adjust our rates?


Since the inception of CSF Couriers, our Vision and Mission has been to provide an excellent Skybox utility with exceptional Customer Service at Affordable Rates.


As we all know investments comes with cost but wise investments has the tendency to pay off tenfold. You may have witnessed many changes and service upgrades over the past few years, which is, as a result of investing heavily in, not only, infrastructure and human resources but above all, in Customer Service, and this has been our greatest achievement.



Below are what makes CSF, well CSF:

  1. Still the most affordable rates in the Skybox Industry
  2. Comparable rates offered in our sister isle - Tobago.
  3. Free delivery in Trinidad and Tobago.
  4. Free resizing of packages offered at our Miami Warehouse facility
  5. Four (4) Convenient Pick-Up Locations: North, South, Central and Tobago.
  6. No additonal cost for insurance coverage up to USD100.00 (exceptions apply).
  7. Full insurance coverage offered on fragile items (including televisions).
  8. Consolidation services for a minimal fee of TTD20.00 (offered at our Miami Facility)
  9. Access to two (2) Florida warehouse facilities, each offering different types of services

Our rates were last revised since February 2012, and we know with a change such as this, anyone would consider their options, in fact, we encourage you to weigh the pros and cons, however, we are still confident that we will be your preffered choice.


CSF has fought long and hard to make online shopping and shipping competitively affordable, and to this end we believe that with your continued support, both investments will pay off immensely, and nurture the already robust relationship we have created together.


We now introduce the comparision of the Current air freight rate schedule to the New air freight rate schedule: