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My boyfriend studied Aztec culture at the university and was just obsessed about them, so I decided to make him a surprise and looked for tattoo ideas here. I chose a great sketch and he got a tattoo yesterday! Hes so happy now!


For most of Trinidad & Tobago’s online shopping era CSF has remained the largest low cost courier service provider; we have also managed to absorb and cushion the increasing operating costs throughout our growth over the years. However, despite several attempts to reduce costs CSF has been challenged with increasing business administrative and operational costs. These costs are not new and have now placed CSF at a difficult position in relation to competitors who charge well over our current rates for basically the same service. To reduce some costs we have redesigned our processes and even re-negotiated prices with our service providers; however as all business grow there are some overhead administrative and operational costs that are simply unavoidable.


We are at a juncture now to either reduce offices, staff or transportation vehicles which will dramatically reduce the scope of our service; or increase our prices. Increasing our prices was the last option but as a home grown local courier company we do not wish to add to the increasing unemployment rate or add to the growing economic stagnation by reducing the scope of our operations. We believe that our service give customers an advantage over businesses, an advantage to choose and know what you’re paying for.


Reviewing the figures over and over we have decided to schedule a new price regime effective 4th April, 2016. At these new prices CSF will be able to sustain its operations, keep all offices open and continue investing on our cargo management system. In addition, we have even adjusted our rates to remain below courier companies that have a similar scope to CSF. CSF understands that with any increase we must justify and explain these costs to be transparent to you; explanations for the new regime are provided below:


Questions & Answers:


1.     Why is CSF raising its rates?

Over the last couple years, every effort has been made to ensure that we provide customers with some of the most competitive rates in the industry while continuously investing in and focusing on ensuring that our customers get the best service that we are able to provide. In order for CSF to maintain its current operations and to provide customers with an efficient and customer focused experience, a price increase has become necessary to settle these administrative and operational costs. While the rates have increased, they are still very competitive and cheaper than most of our competitors which enables you to continue to shop online and benefit from the great savings that comes with it.


2.     Why are the rates now in USD alone?

This is to cater for the fluctuations in the US/TT dollar rate of exchange (ROE); since we pay US dollars to our major service providers such as the airlines, in order to streamline costs we need to charge local customers the prevailing US rates and their TT dollar equivalent because our service providers charge CSF in US dollars at the prevailing US rates.


3.     What is Fuel Surcharge and why is it charged? (17% of the Air Freight)

Since fuel prices fluctuate because of supply and demand (either domestically or internationally) it would not be fair to our customers to raise our prices every time there is a change in the price of fuel. The fuel surcharge therefore is a standard shipping fee which would cushion the effects of rising fuel prices so that this would not affect our prices over the short term.


4.     What about the Standard Insurance Coverage? (1% on every $100.00 US)

This remains the same as is currently charged.


5.     What is VAT on Handling Charges (VAT on Packages) and why is it being charged? (12.5%)

“The Board of Inland Revenue has fixed the sum of five dollars ($5.00) per package or parcel as the value of the domestic element of services (handling charge) provided by an international courier whether inward or outward bound. This amount is for services which are standard rated and subject to VAT of twelve and a half percent (12.5%) and is applicable whether a package or parcel is delivered or picked up by the customer or courier.”


What this basically means is that BIR has applied a handling value of $5.00 TT per package (whether we charge it or not; which we don’t) and charges CSF 12.5% VAT on every package (valued at $5.00 TT); therefore this is a standard VAT charge from BIR. In the past CSF absorbed this cost but now it’s too much for us to sustain.


6.     Why are we charging a new Tobago Transport Surcharge? ($2.00 USD per Invoice)

Items are brought to Trinidad and then dispatched to Tobago after it is sorted by our Trinidad Warehouse.  This charge is necessary to cover freight and handling expenses on route from Trinidad to Tobago.



Due to the need to include the fuel surcharge and Vat on local Handling, CSF has removed the 15% Service Fee as well as removed the Membership Fee. In addition to this, we guarantee an improved customer experience, with a more efficient delivery service, as well as faster Question/Complaint handling.





In addition to the New Prices please see list of other charges:


1) Fuel Surcharge (17% of air freight)

2) Standard Insurance Coverage (1% on every $100.00 US)

3) VAT on Handling Charge (12.5%) 

4) Tobago Transport Surcharge ($2.00 US per Invoice) - Items are brought to Trinidad and then dispatched to Tobago after it is sorted by our Trinidad Warehouse.  This charge is necessary to cover freight and handling expenses on route from Trinidad to Tobago.




Now the question is what are CSF giving customers for this price increase?

1> Removal of the Membership and Renewal Fees.

2> Removal of CSF’s 15% Service Fee.

3> Customer Login (Dashboard) for easier and faster updating of information, adding new account holders, viewing invoices, paying online via PayPal and much more

4> Around the clock operations to make packages available as soon as possible

5> Faster Complaint Handling and Resolutions 

6> Improved Communication Channels:

< Live Chat accessible 6 days a week

< Improved PBX system

< 24 Hour response time via Online Support Centre


And more coming very soon!




We have seen CSF grow from shipping one small bag per week to importing substantial volumes every day and this is due to your support. We wish to do more for our customers and we will continue notwithstanding the overcast on our national economy. From the management and staff of CSF we wish to thank you for your continued support and understanding throughout the years; there have been times where we have not provided the service that we’ve promised but we are learning and growing and will continue to challenge our limits to give our customers value for money.