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What is domestic delivery?

CSF offers a domestic delivery service for citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

  • It provides a delivery service for small to medium business owners who are looking for ways in which to deliver their products to interested buyers, using our existing delivery framework.


What are the benefits for the domestic delivery service?

  • Access to CSF’s delivery fleet to deliver your package anywhere in Trinidad and Tobago at a low price.
  • You can use multiple pickup locations for your packages.
  • CSF can collect payments on your behalf (no cash, all payments CSF collects from your customers will include a 5% processing fee), but you can also make arrangements with your customers for payments.
  • Packages delivered to Merchant’s Customers within 24 – 72 hours.
  • Free Registration. Members Packages as low as TT25.00.


How do I register?

  • You can Register for a Merchant Account via the Website.
  • Complete the Registration Form (If you do not have a Business Name, you can use your real name).
  • A Confirmation Email is then sent to you with your Merchant ID, Agreement etc.
  • Once the e-mail is verified, you’re good to go.
  • Pop-Ups will appear on your Dashboard with new policies, alerts etc.


How does it work?

  • Add or import your customer’s information.
  • Add a Request Order
  • Complete the request, CSF will send a driver to pickup the order(s).


What are the fees for this service?

  • CSF will charge the Merchants a 5% fee if we must collect payment from their clients.
  • Example - Merchant's Order is $300.00 (5% of $300 = $15)
  • When CSF transfers the funds collected from the Merchant's clients to the Merchant Bank Account on a weekly basis - 5%  fee will be deducted.
  • Insurance is optional - if a Merchant want to insurance their item(s) with CSF the following fees will be applied.
  • Standard Insurance - 1% to the nearest 100 - any item that is not on the fragile listing
  • Fragile Insurance - 10% rounded to the nearest 10 - based on CSF's fragile listing
  • If an item is damaged while in transit to the Merchant's clients by CSF, the Merchant will be refunded, this would be based on the value of the package/items the Merchant submitted only if insured.


Can I purchase multiple labels?

Yes, see below for a breakdown.


Our Subscriptions

  • 100 or more labels - $25.00 per label
  • 50 or more labels - $27.00 per label
  • 20 or more labels - $30.00 per label
  • 10 or more labels - $33.00 per label


Is there a weight limit?

Yes, the maximum weight per order is 60 lbs.


Is there a limit to how much orders CSF can pick-up?

No, CSF will pick-up any amount of orders.