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CSF has two (2) Warehouses in Florida. Our Florida Warehouse is situated in the City of Miami - a common trade zone and export area, which is located approximately 11 miles from Miami International Airport.

  1. Our Standard Services Warehouse is located at 8606 NW 66th Street, Miami, Florida zip code can be 33166 or 33195 - and offers standard Skybox Services, where air shipments are dispatched five days a week, Monday through Friday.
  2. Also available to our members, is our other Warehouse located in Miami (6521 NW 87th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33178-1624) which handles our Consolidation and Ocean services each Monday. Click here to contact our helpful Customer Service Team for Further Information.
We have one (1) office in Trinidad and one (1) in Tobago: our Head Office and Central Pick-Up Office at Corner Ronald Street & Southern Main Road, Point Pleasant Park, Cunupia, and our Tobago Pick-Up Office at Unit 5 Milford Bay Plaza, Crown Point, Tobago.
Our contact numbers are 868-225-4CSF (225-4273), 868-CALL-CSF (225-5273) and 868-290-3110 for Tobago.

Our office business hours are as follows:

Central Office

Corner Ronald Street & Southern Main Road, Point Pleasant Park, Cunupia

  • Mondays - Fridays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Saturdays from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Tobago Office

Unit 5 Milford Bay Plaza, Crown Point, Tobago

  • Mondays - Fridays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Office is closed on Saturdays

Miami, FL Warehouses


Standard Services - 8606 NW 66th Street, Miami-Florida 33166 or 33195 (AIR)

Consolidation & Ocean Services – 6521 NW 87th Avenue, Miami Florida 33178-1624

  • Mondays - Fridays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm



Once your item is delivered to your skybox address, it will be shipped within 1-2 working days during off-peak shipping seasons. If your packages arrive in the Miami Warehouse before 2:00 pm on a weekday of the off-peak shipping seasons, these packages will be processed for shipping to arrive in Trinidad for Customs & Excise clearance by the next business day.

Allowances for delays are expected and most anticipated during peak seasons such as Black Friday sales, Christmas and other Seasonal & Holiday Sales within the US and occasionally in off-peak seasons if there are unusually high receiving volumes or in circumstances out of our control during clearance.

After CSF has cleared the item through Customs & Excise, packages are delivered within 1-2 working days. Picking up shipments, however, can be collected the next working day.
CSF can accommodate shipments of all weights and sizes however for shipments exceeding regular weights of 100 pounds or a volume greater than 199, a quotation would be required before the item is shipped. This is necessary to determine if additional handling fees or special arrangements would be required.

Listed below are three (3) categories of items which CSF refrains from shipping unless the appropriate required licenses, documentation, certificates, or permits are submitted prior to shipping. These categories include:

  • Restricted Goods for import
  • Goods that require special Permits and License
  • Hazardous Materials and Goods (HAZMAT)

Also, to note, there is a list of specific items which are NOT ALLOWED FOR IMPORT into Trinidad and Tobago, further details can be found in our Service Guide located under the "Support" section of your Member's Dashboard.

This is to ensure that customers can be reimbursed in the event of a damaged or lost package. It should be noted that members would not be compensated for lost or damaged packages which are not in CSF's care or outside the responsibility of CSF.

Members would only be eligible for reimbursement for items which were deemed lost or damaged while in custody of CSF, these items would be covered by our default Standard Insurance. Members whose items carry additional insurance would be fully reimbursed up to the value of the item.

By default, a Standard Insurance fee is applied to all eligible air shipment packages with certain exceptions and circumstances, which is further explained in our 'terms of service' guide. This helps to mitigate the effects of unforeseen losses or damages in relation to the importation of items using CSF Couriers Limited services. Your CSF Invoice will automatically be billed an Insurance charge of one percent (1%) on every USD100.00 or any part thereof. This will be based on the Supplier's Invoice total value included with your packages. In the absence of a supplier invoice, the value applied will be at a minimum of USD1.00.

The Standard Insurance covers a maximum value of up to USD2000.00. Standard coverage applies to eligible items as described, except for the following:

(i) Any item exceeding the limit of 100 pounds (actual weight).

(ii) Fragile/Overweight items.

(iii) Any single supplier's invoice exceeding the value of USD2000.00.

Additional Insurance would include all televisions and monitors or displays (over 19 inches), these items must be accompanied by the supplier's invoice upon shipping to Trinidad. The insurance calculation for such is 10% of the value of the item to the next ten or any part thereof.

For example, if the item is valued at USD1250.00 the insurance charge will be calculated at USD125.00 and this value will be billed to your freight invoice.

NOTE: When a Television is shipped to Trinidad using our CSF service, upon arrival to our facility, checks are made to ensure that it is in Good Condition. Deliveries are based on CSF's availability and advanced online payments or customers can arrange to pick-up at Corner Ronald Street & Southern Main Road, Point Pleasant Park, Cunupia.

CSF does not provide this service; however, we can recommend other providers.


A freight charge is a fee for shipping your item(s) from the United States into Trinidad. It is charged based on the actual weight of your package.
Import Duties and VAT are charged by the Government of Trinidad & Tobago as a tax for importing most items. Duties & VAT are determined by the type of goods and its value. Based on this information Customs & Excise, using their Tariff (a list of items and their applicable charges) will determine if goods are subject to charges or not. These charges are collected by the Customs & Excise Division for the Ministry of Finance. These taxes are charged as a percentage of the cost of the goods + the cost of the shipping + the cost of any insurance, this is what is termed the CIF (Cost, Insurance & Freight) value.
No, not all items are subjected to duties and VAT. Based on guidelines from the Customs and Excise Division, some items are exempted from either Duties, VAT or Both. Our online estimate calculator will provide a breakdown of the corresponding rate for each item selected when all relevant data is entered. More details of applicable Duties and VAT on items are available on the Customs and Excise Division link http://www.customs.gov.tt/

OPT is a tax applied on the Cost, Insurance and Freight (C.I.F) value of the shipment and then the duties and VAT will be applied. This is a tax implemented by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago for all goods shipped that are:

  • Purchased by means of an electronic transaction.
  • Imported into Trinidad and Tobago by air transportation.
  • Consigned to a consumer.
  • Entered from a transit shed.

You are required to create a ticket via the Online Support Center using the help topic Invoice/Payment Query. Here you can log into your dashboard and create a ticket.

Yes, there are two (2) factors that would affect this; if your package(s) came with a supplier’s invoice or not and the fluctuation of the weight.

Customs would value your item(s) according to the invoice value, if you do not present an invoice (we suggest you pre-alert), Customs would estimate a local market value for your item(s).

All CSF offices accept Linx, Credit Card and certified- managers or company cheques at the discretion of CSF's management. Personal and Business Cheques must be pre-approved prior to making payment. Approval is based on your account history with CSF. CSF also facilitates online payments through the Member's Dashboard, which would include PayPal, Online Credit Card, and Amazon Pay.

Yes, but cheques are accepted at the discretion of management. Personal and Business Cheques must be pre-approved prior to making payment. Approval is based on your account history.

Yes, CSF’s Couriers accept all forms of card payment.

PayPal payments are made available to you using your CSF Member's Dashboard login, that you can access through the "invoice and payment" section. Select your invoice(s) for payment and click on "pay for invoices," then confirm your selections and click on the option to "continue to PayPal," and this will direct you to PayPal's Login page. Once logged in, follow the instructions, and complete your payment process. We highly recommend that you make all payments in USD. This way, you can avoid the extra PayPal charges, which have a higher conversation rate. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can create one using this Link PayPal Signup Here.


For CSF to track your shipments we will require a domestic carrier's tracking number, which would be from FEDEX, UPS, USPS, DHL etc.
An Order Number is a number your online vendor has assigned to your purchase much like an invoice number only relevant to the vendor and this data is not shared with an external database, therefore Shippers and Carriers cannot determine tracking status of packages by order numbers.
United States Postal Service (USPS) delivers all packages to the nearest post office within the zip code. Packages would then be placed into Bins and all will be marked as delivered before reaching a final Warehouse destination. At times upon leaving the post office a signature is attached resulting in misleading notifications of packages arriving and being received by our Miami Warehouse. In many cases, packages would be transported from the post office to our warehouse between 3 - 7 working days. For this reason, members expecting items being delivered by USPS should anticipate a few additional days for packages to be shipped to Trinidad for clearance.

Packages that have been delivered to our warehouse would be shipped within 1-2 working days. Please note, if your package was shipped using USPS, as explained in the point above "reason for delays for packages delivers by USPS" please allow a few additional days before your package arrival to Trinidad.

In most cases, the package may have been scanned by the domestic carrier but not physically delivered to CSF. CSF would, however, use the tracking number and supplier's invoice to further investigate such instances.

Should your package be delivered to an incorrect address, members are advised to contact their supplier or domestic carrier to further investigate.

In such instances, a tracking number and supplier's invoice would be required to verify that the package in question does belong to the member before shipping to Trinidad. Members also have the option toTrack Your Orderthrough CSF’s homepage on the website.


Login to your member's dashboard on CSF's website, and update your personal information by clicking on the tab to the left that says, "UPDATE PROFILE".
A ticket can be submitted via the Online Support Center under the help topic “Request Pickup” which is only accommodated at our Central Pick-Up Office at Corner Ronald Street & Southern Main Road, Point Pleasant Park, Cunupia. Members can also contact us at 868-225-4CSF (225-4273) or 868-CALL-CSF (225-5273) or make a “Walk in Request”.
There is no fee for delivery.

Members will receive an email notification, providing that your account information is updated.

Yes, however this is based on CSF Management’s discretion.

The cut off time for drivers is approximately 4:00 pm.

CSF will deliver packages throughout Trinidad & Tobago. However, to ensure our Couriers’ safety, there are certain areas that they will be unable to go; therefore, we ask customers to meet them at a more convenient location.

If a delivery was missed, another will be rescheduled by our dispatch team, based on the next date of delivery in your area.


Customers are required to pay a Tobago Transport Fee of ($2.00 USD per Invoice). Items are brought to Trinidad and then dispatched to Tobago after it is sorted by our Trinidad Warehouse. This charge is necessary to cover freight and handling expenses on route from Trinidad to Tobago.
Packages are scheduled to be sent two (2) times a week, however where a need arises, additional trips are made. These trips are dependent on the availability of the Tobago ferries.
Yes, customers can contact the Tobago office at 868-290-3110 to schedule delivery or choose that option via their Dashboard.


This address is the same as our Ocean address, you can refer to the “Offices and Location” Section or you can access it by logging onto your Member’s Dashboard.
The consolidation fee is USD10.00 (maximum size 36"x22"x22" and not more than 100lbs)
Yes, you can request it to be transferred to the STANDARD warehouse and your package will ship as unconsolidated and treated as standard air shipment
Yes, you will be charged a processing fee USD5.00. Your item will remain at the consolidation warehouse and shipped out the following Monday as an unconsolidated shipment.
If your item cannot be consolidated, it will be placed on hold for you to decide if you would like it to be transferred for a fee of USD5.00 and shipped out the following day or shipped the following week for a processing fee of USD5.00.
Items will be ship out once a week on a Monday, except for public holidays in the US, where the consolidation will be shipped the following day.
Anything can be consolidated, except for Fragile and Restricted items.
No, this could jeopardize the safety of the items.
  • Possible reduction in shipping cost of package.
  • Reduce unnecessary bulk in packaging, while maintaining protection of your goods.
  • Reduce the amount of insurance you pay on several shipped packages, e.g. if you have two separate packages you pay insurance on each package, but if you consolidate your packages to one box, you will just pay insurance for one shipped package
  • For Tobago Customers, it reduces the amount of delivery fees you pay per package, e.g. if you have two separate packages you will pay delivery fee on each package, consolidation allows you to pay delivery cost on one package


CSF started its operations in June 2006.
CSF is unique because of our affordable rates, our focus on excellent customer service and efficient operations as our main competitive advantages, adding to which the convenience of our geographically located Pick-Up offices both in Trinidad & Tobago and our free Delivery Service.
CSF believes in serving the entire country and we believe that Central is the best location from which to coordinate all our activities.