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Note that this can only be done if you are a registered member of CSF Couriers. To register with us Click Here


1. Go to  csfcouriersltd.com/members

2. Login to the customer dashboard

a.    Enter BoxID. E.g., T-1234
b.    Enter Account’s Password
c.    Click login

         3. Or you can Login with Amazon once you have an Amazon account 


4. In the left panel, click on “Pre-Alert a Package” tab


5. Click once more on “Pre-Alert a Package on the page as shown in the figure below



6. Full out the Pre-Alert form with the correct package information. 



a.    Select Shipment Type (Air or Ocean)
b.    Enter the description of the item(s). You can also use this field to enter any notes about the package to our Miami team
c.    Enter the USD invoice value. This will be the value you paid for the item on the shopping site, such as, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc
d.    Enter the name of the store your item was purchased from. For example, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc
e.    Enter the tracking number of the item. This will be given when your package has been shipped and is out for delivery. Note that tracking numbers do not contain special characters such as dashes (-), underscore (_), exclamation mark (!), etc. See the Figure below showing an example of a tracking number:



Note also that Fig 6 shows the order number and not the tracking number of the package:



f. Select the “Choose File” button to upload your original supplier’s invoice or any other valid support documents for the item. The file formats that are accepted for upload are (jpg | jpeg | png | doc | docx | txt | pdf file only). The supplier’s invoice can be found in your order list on the shopping sites. Doctored, typed or written invoices would not be accepted when you have submitted the Pre-Alert. Below Is an example of an Amazon Supplier’s invoice :



g.    Tick box for agreeing to CSF’s Pre-Alert Terms
h.    Click “Submit” button to complete the Pre-Alert


7. When you are finished submitting the Pre-Alert to CSF, you can click on “View Pre-Alert” to review your Pre-Alert List.


8. You can easily see the status of your Pre-Alert in your listing. If a Pre-Alerted item has not yet been received in our Miami Warehouse, you will see a status showing “Not received yet” and is highlighted in RED. If the item has been received, you will see a status showing “Received” highlighted in GREEN.




9. If you need to edit the Pre-Alert form, simply click on the “Edit” icon in the action’s column



10. The “Delete” icon can also be found in the action’s column. This can be used to delete any unwanted Pre-Alerts, or Pre-Alerts that were created in error.