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What is this new Ocean service about?

CSF will now be offering the shipment of your packages via Ocean Freight (via sea) in addition to our regular Air Freight (via air).


When will this service become available?

We are happy to announce that this service is up and running right now.


What is the cost of this service?

The base rate for shipping via Ocean is USD4.25 per cube. One cube represents a package that is 12”x12”x12” inches in dimension. Please note that the USD4.25 does not include the other charges such as Customs (Duty and Vat) and additional accessorial fees. It is JUST the freight.


Is there Online Purchase Tax (OPT) charge with Ocean Freight?

No, there is not. It’s just Duty and Vat that are paid to the government.


Are there any minimum requirements that must be met to be able to ship via Ocean?

Yes, item(s) must weigh no less than seventy-five (75) lbs and be five (5) cubes in size (12x12x60). If your item meets the weight requirement but not the size, you will be required to pay five (5) Cubic feet.
However, CSF will make exceptions if an item is less than or more than seventy-five (75) lbs but does not exceed five cubes.


What kind of items can I bring through Ocean?

You can bring any type of items (except those restricted by law). We recommend you use this service for large or heavy items as these type of things will cost you a lot to bring via Air, if it all.


Is there a way to get an estimate right now?

Yes, you can call our helpful Customer Support Team, and they will give you an estimate, or send us a ticket with the details of the items. If you decide to you call, ensure you have your item description, weight in pounds (lbs), dimensions in inches (you can request this from your supplier in order to get an accurate estimation), and total cost. Our agents will advise based on your item if it is cheaper to bring via ocean or air, and also if to crate it.


Do you offer Insurance with Ocean?

Yes, Insurance is charged the same as "Air".


How long would it take to get my packages if I ship via Ocean?

The estimated time of delivery is three (3) weeks.


How often does CSF ship via Ocean?

We offer shipments once per month – see our Calendar online.

                                               2023 Sailing Schedule                                     



What is the deadline for delivery of Package(s) to Miami Warehouse?

If you are shipping via ocean, packages must reach our Miami Warehouse by Monday at 2:00 pm.


What is the Address for this Warehouse?

The Ocean Address is the same as our Consolidated Shipment Address.


What are the benefits of shipping via Ocean?

  • No Online Purchase Tax
  • Less Freight Cost compared to Air Shipments
  • Ability to ship larger and more bulky items more cost-effectively


Do you provide a Hazmat service via Ocean?

Yes, you will be required to get Hazardous Materials Documents from your supplier (IMO & MSDS) as these items have different classification codes.


Can my Sea Items be Consolidated?

No, item being shipped cannot be consolidated.


Can I request to hold my item until all items arrive before shipping?

Yes, ensure to open a ticket via Support Centre to inform our Customer Service Team of the ship out date based on the calendar. 


What is required to proceed with Ocean Shipment?

All items require an invoice, use our pre-alert tool. Your pre-alert will not be valid without a proper tracking number and uploaded invoice.


Is there anything else that I should know?

If the item being shipped cannot fit in one of our Delivery Vehicles, it would require us to secure a different type of vehicle to be able to deliver it to our warehouse and then to you. This would incur additional fees, all of which will be discussed and agreed upon with you prior to it leaving our Miami Warehouse.


For a Company:

If you do not wish to apply for a “N Number” you can use your “Vat Registration Number”.

If you company is not VAT registered, the same documents will apply, except there will be no vat certificate.

Here’s what you will need to give us:

  • Certification Incorporation-Copy
  • Vat certification – Copy
  • Notice of Directors-Copy
  • Notice of Address-Copy
  • Notice of Secretary-Copy
  • Proof BIR Number – no longer than three (3) months (tax return can be used)
  • Clear Copy of ID for person authorized to sign for company
  • Application for Importer Registration Number Form (in duplicate)
  • Authorization of Custom Broker Form (in triplicate- front only)

*You will also need to sign off two (2) documents for our Broker*

  • Application for Importer Registration Number – Print (duplicate) and sign each copy.
  • Authorization of Custom Broker – Print (triplicate) and sign each copy.
  • eC75 form is required ONLY if your goods are valued over $20000.00 TTD.

Once you provide us with all the paperwork, we can take it from there and contact you if we need anything clarified and to let you know when we have received the number. We can do all of this for a one (1) time fee of $300.00 TTD.