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What is it?

CSF Wallet is our newest feature that allows our members to maintain a running credit on their accounts.

What can I use it for?

Right now, if you have any money in your wallet, this can be applied to the payment of your Invoices.

How do I add money to my wallet?

When you click on the Wallet Icon you will see the option to “Add Money to Wallet”. This will take you to another screen where you can enter how much money you want to add to your wallet using PayPal; AmazonPay; or your Visa/Mastercard.

Are those the only ways to add money?

We are still rolling out this feature, so we plan to, in time add additional ways including but not limited to, from reimbursements/refunds from CSF; through CSF giftcards; as referral rewards etc. We will update you as these features become available.

Is there a minimum balance required in my wallet?

Your CSF Wallet must have a minimum of TTD100.00.

Anything else I should know?

Although your wallet reflects a TTD balance, when payments are made it is made in USD so always do your conversions to know how much money you actually have available. We use the exchange rate of 6.80TTD to 1.00USD