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Updated Knives Policy!

We wish to inform you of the following update regarding the shipping of knives. All knives received at our Miami warehouse would be placed on hold for verification before shipping and would fall under one of the following three categories:

1. Knives that can be shipped:

  • Manual knives
  • Kitchen Knives

Once verified, these knives would be shipped as per usual.

2. Knives that need a permit to be shipped:

  • Concealed knives 
  • Switch knives
  • Automatic Knives

What is needed before we proceed with shipping?

An importers' permit from the Police headquarters in Port-of-Spain or written consent if you can't present the permit.

After which, your package would be treated as a "pre-paid bond" where we will generate an invoice that will consist of your freight charges ONLY. You would be required to make this payment before the package is shipped to Trinidad since the package would be bonded (held by customs) in Trinidad.

What happens after your package is bonded by customs Trinidad?

We will provide you with the bonded documents, which you would take to Swiss Port Bond Piarco to clear your package at customs as well as the following documents:

  • Two (2) forms of ID
  • Supplier’s invoice for the item(s) showing the value of the item(s) purchased
  • Importers' permit
  • Bonded Documents
  • Bond Slip
  • Delivery Receipt

3. Knives that are restricted:

  • Machetes
  • Swords

These knives are not allowed to ship to Trinidad under any circumstances.

Don’t hesitate to contact our helpful Customer Support Team if you need further information or assistance.